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  • I use PBL (Problem based learning or Problem based learning) for assessments. That is, students are assigned a problem and use the content from the specific topic to solve it. I usually have them submit through an LMS (Canvas?) With Project Based Learning I use a similar approach. The point is that with online learning I usually give students assignments that require application of knowledge and that it is hard to plagiarize. I would also use Turnitin. If your college-school does not have turnitin there is a feature if you use “Teams” in “Office” and ask your students to submit their assignment there it is reviewed by Turnitin.

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    In zoom settings you can activate the “Accessibility” feature and include Closed Caption. You can choose also the size of the font. This feature may not address all accessibility issues but at least subtitles.

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    I have used Zoom extensively for dissertation defenses for my students. We just open a session inviting the committee and the student who defends. The student is has “host” privileges in the “settings” and he/she can share his/her screen. When the presentation and questions are done we ask the student to leave the session while we discuss the presentation. He/she is invited back to the zoom session after a set number of minutes.

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    When I use zoom for student projects I ask students to set up a separate zoom meeting for each group (or I set up their zoom meetings and in the “settings” I allow everyone to be a host. That is their own time to work on a project outside of the class time. For me it is not relevant that they are “in class” when they are working on a project. I also teach Organizational Strategy and I have asked them to create an online training module, so this may be an opportunity for that. I have very clear rubrics as well.

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    I have used zoom for teaching for the past 2 years. @ Kalina, I am not sure if you still have that question about zoom and break out rooms. I would suggest to create several session of say 30 each at staggered times. Then assign your TA’s to each of these sessions. There is a feature in the break out rooms that allows students to ask for help to the host. Please let me know if you would like for me to elaborate.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)