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    Jordan Adams

    Susan, if you log in to, then click “Recordings” on the left side, then find and click on whichever meeting recording you’d like, at which point one of the files there should be labeled “Audio Only”.

    Note that if you changed your settings after the meeting occurred, it will not retroactively apply to all past recordings; only to future meetings.


    Great, thanks. Then once I see the audio version in Zoom recordings, how do I get it to warpwire?

    Jordan Adams

    Those files can be downloaded, and then uploaded into Warpwire for sharing.


    Hi, i want to share 2 separate segments of a zoom cloud recording. i understand how to cut the recording to set a beginning and end time for a shared version; but I want to repeat this and share a different segment of the same original recording. how can i do this ? thank you.

    Paul Wolff

    @fcwiss – I believe you will need to use video editing software to accomplish this. As an educator at UNC, you have access to the Adobe Creative Cloud suite of products including Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Premiere Rush. You also have access to training courses on these products through LinkedIn Learning.

    More information about accessing Creative Cloud and LinkedIn Learning through UNC can be found here:

    Creative Cloud:

    LinkedIn Learning:

Viewing 5 posts - 106 through 110 (of 110 total)
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