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    Megan Plenge

    I have 2 courses that I am co-teaching, and I need to make it so that each co-taught course has multiple TAs and instructors that can act as “alternative hosts”.

    However, whenever I try to set up my TAs or co-instructors as alternative hosts, I get error messages. This is AFTER confirming their zoom account was created using the email address I’m inserting. The error message I get says “ is not a user in your Zoom account.”

    How can I add these people as co-hosts?

    Megan Plenge

    Update: One of the people I’m trying to add has confirmed that they have an “education’ account.

    Paul Wolff


    If you can confirm that the TAs in question went to and logged in with their onyen/password, this will verify that they created an account. It’s possible they are in a different sub-account (e.g. belong to a department that has its own Zoom sub-account) that could be causing the problem – that could cause the error that you aren’t seeing them in “your” Zoom account. If that’s the case, we may need to consult with ITS to see if there’s a good solution.

    Garrett Cook

    Hi Megan!

    The TAs and co-instructors may have accounts within a Zoom sub-account. I can see you are part of the master Zoom account, but if they are a part of a sub-account, Zoom won’t let you select them as alternative/co-hosts for the meetings when you are scheduling them.

    You can either designate them as co-hosts once the individual meeting begins if you will always be there, or we can see about getting their accounts switched to the master account if they are okay with it. Let me know if you’d like me to investigate further and I can create a ticket for you and we can discuss the exact details of who the users are/what sub account they are in within that ticket.



    Megan Plenge

    Thank you Paul and Garrett! Can you create a ticket for me? This fix Paul provided seems to have worked with a few of my collaborators but not all of them.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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