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    Ryan Thornburg

    Is there a recommended method for this task:
    “Students upload files to a location where other students in the class can access and view those files.”

    I followed the instructions on||Create_a_Collaboration_Folder but a) the instructions appear to be for an older version of Sakai and

    b) I create a new folder in Resources and check all the permissions for students. Then to confirm that students will be able to view and add resources to this new folder I use the drop-down menu on the upper left of Sakai to “View Site As: Student”. I then click on the “actions” menu next to the new folder, but the only options I see are “copy” and “view details”. I expect to see “Upload Files” but do not.

    Morgon Haskell

    The recommended method to allow students to upload content and view files from other students is to create a new folder and update the permissions just like you referenced in the tutorial. Here is a more recent online tutorial with screenshots from Sakai 12.x, our current version of Sakai:

    You should be able to “View Site As” a student and see a list of options now.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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