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    Jeannie Loeb

    Has anyone tried – successfully – to use preassigned breakout rooms for a large (200-student) class? My attempt was unsuccessful. I had hoped to facilitate a virtual community in my large course by having consistent breakout rooms of approximately 6-7 students each, meeting approximately once per week to work on various exercises (vs. having students meet with what would amount to strangers for every Zoom session if the breakout rooms were assigned randomly). I followed instructions using the correct format (e.g. pre-assigned room name, emails using onyens and “”). The spreadsheet was uploaded successfully to Zoom, with approximately 33 breakout rooms preassigned. On the day of the Zoom session, however, ~175 were left unassigned for unknown reasons. (I had created this list just a few hours before the session so changes in enrollment cannot be the answer.)

    Matt Osment

    Hi Jeannie,
    Did you set the UNC Authentication to “UNC SSO for pre-assigned breakout rooms” rather than just the “UNC-CH?”

    I’m happy to zoom with you to go over your settings. It has definitely been a challenge! We can also review the Meeting report for the participants and see how students were logging in.

    We are having moderate-to-good success with Mike Crimmins’ >200 class.

    Jeannie Loeb

    Hi Matt!

    No, I think I set it to UNC-CH only (**, .UNC.EDU).

    Thank you, I will PM you about Zooming.

    Sounds great about Mike’s class!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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