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    James O’Hara

    Hi, I don’t understand how to comply with the new rule:

    Zoom Security Update to Impact ALL Zoom Meetings
    Important: Beginning September 27, 2020, Zoom will require either the waiting room or a passcode to be applied to all meetings, including ones that have already been scheduled.

    This will impact your Zoom meetings. Starting September 27, your students will be in the waiting room or you can set up a passcode. See details on securing Zoom and privacy settings opens in new window:

    Waiting Room: UNC’s Zoom settings have been customized to add an option to allowing any UNC Zoom user to bypass the waiting room. If you created your UNC Zoom account before July 19, 2020, this setting will be your default. If you created your UNC Zoom account after that time, you will need to enable this option.
    Passcode: If you enable “Require a passcode when scheduling new meetings,” you can disable the waiting room.

    When I look on my

    there is no option there that says: “Require a passcode when scheduling new meetings.”
    Since those words are in quotation marks, I expect to find those exact words somewhere.

    is it referring to this?

    Meeting Passcode

    All instant, and scheduled meetings that users can join via client, or room systems will be passcode-protected.

    Jordan Adams

    James, it appears that in the midst of these changes to the security settings, Zoom’s settings page also changed. You are correct that the new setting is now called “Meeting Passcode” and enabling either that OR your waiting room for meetings will satisfy the requirements of the new security policies.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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