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    Matt Osment

    Share information and learn about using mobile apps for teaching.

    Matt Osment

    If your home wifi is shaky, you may accomplish many (but not all) tasks using your cellular connection and your phone. I always keep my phone handy when in a zoom session in case I lose my wifi connection.

    UNC Mobile apps

    Feel free to schedule a consult to learn more:

    Nels Popp


    I do an exercise in my class in which two students carry out a role-playing conversation. Typically we do this face-to-face, record the conversation with a video camera, and upload it to a YouTube channel where other students and myself can watch the role play and evaluate it. To convert this activity to remote learning, it would be acceptable to only have an audio recording of the conversation. Also, recently I have been having increasing difficulty enabling all students to access our private YouTube page due to Google restrictions.

    I am looking for some mechanism for students to record (either video or audio) a conversation, then upload that file to a shared space. I think what I would prefer is to use some sort of app which students could download on their phone, then call their assigned partner to conduct the role play conversation, which would be recorded. The audio file could then be uploaded to a share file/drive for others to listen to later.

    Does anyone have any ideas on how to do this? I’ve looked online for free apps to record a telephone conversation, but things like Google Voice and Rev Call Recorder seem more complicated to use than I was hoping.

    Thank you.

    Matt Osment

    Hi Nels,
    There are several ways you could modify this activity to work remotely. If you are having a synchronous class session, you may use the breakout rooms to pair up students and they could record the audio and video to their computers.

    If your classes are not meeting synchronously, pairs of students could hold their own zoom meetings, record them and then post the videos for comments.

    The Voicethread tool in Sakai would be an excellent place for students to post their videos and allow other class members to comment. Additionally, this set-up would allow for better analytics for you and keep all of the student information in a secure, University authorized platform.

    To get some more help setting this up, feel free to schedule a consultation from the Trainings/Consult page, and there is a wide selection of help videos on this site if you want to try it out on your own.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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