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    Stefan Jeglinski

    Hi All, this question isn’t quite covered in the FAQ.

    I’m sure a number of students are taking a zero on their final across campus, since they have a good grade already and may do P/F anyway. I’ve had several inquire about this strategy in our large-lecture class.

    Does the Registrar have any guidance on what constitutes “taking the final?” Specifically, if a student downloads their final but never submits it for a score, is this “taking the final” or not? In a real classroom, this is like showing up and then walking out of the room with the final exam paper. We don’t allow that IRL but we can’t control this action remotely.

    I’m not sure this even matters – we can just give them a zero if they download and never submitt, but I’m wondering what the guidance is if any. From one student I’ve asked that they at least submit their honor pledge after the fact so I can give them a legit zero. Any thoughts?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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