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    Paul Stotts

    I had TAs listed at alternate hosts in an ongoing zoom room… for office hours… in spring

    the room still exists but for some reason those same TAs are no longer able to be alternate hosts (they are the same people, have the same emails, and show in the alternate host list in editing the zoom meeting parmeters).

    I decided to eliminate the emails and re-do the list. Zoom tells me their emails are no associated with valid zoom accounts.

    I am not sure what has changed … they are able to use zoom… as unc students… just havin the email addresses rejected buy the zoom edit page.

    Any ides what has changed or what needs doing?


    Paul Wolff

    Paul – I’d recommend making a help ticket at They can get this routed to the group that supports Zoom and look into your specific situation. It’s possible that the TAs need to go back to and log back in with their onyen/password to be recognized in a new term. It’s also possible they’ve been moved into a different Zoom subaccount. Either way, ITS would be able to troubleshoot that with you!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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