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Paul Wolff

This is a reply from @jordan-adams we were having trouble getting to post:

@Susan Bickford, good questions. I’ll answer them in order:

1. “No fixed time” just means that the meeting ID# could be used at any time, so it’s up to you and your students to all get on board with using the space at X time. Just shooting your students a quick email or Sakai message to say “We’ll meet at 12:30 today” with a link to that particular meeting space is a good practice.

2. To be honest, I’ve not experienced this personally, but Zoom’s documentation indicates that participants are arranged in order of those permitted to talk and then those with raised hands. If it ends up being too distracting or burdensome during class, there’s three other good options for class of 23: A. tell students to interrupt with questions as needed, B. ask students if there are questions at regular intervals throughout the class, or C. ask that questions be typed into the chat, where you can more easily monitor them without constant audible interruption. It’ll be up to you, and what works best for you and your class. Feel free to reply at some point later with what you’ve found works best; I’m sure many faculty members are interested in hearing ideas. Thanks!