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Hi, two questions:
1. I’m setting up a recurring meeting for my class, so they only have one meeting id to keep track of. We will be meeting during class time, but not every time, so I want to make it “no fixed time.” But . . . What exactly does that mean in terms of when the meeting starts and who in fact can start it?

I do want to enable people to join before me so they can chat. But I don’t like the idea of a meeting id floating around out there that anyone could use at anytime.

2. I have a class of 23. I’m guessing I won’t be able to see the list of participants all at once, without scrolling up and down. which means I won’t be able to see who has the “raised hand” icon on without scrolling back and forth constantly. Any ideas? Or does Zoom magically put people who have raised hands at the top of the list?

Nervously yours!