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I asked Courtney Rivard for her top 3 practical tips for asynchronous teaching and learning and here is what she shared:

Think about breaking your class into separate chunks of time that follow a general outline that will be repeated for the remainder of the remote teaching classes. Here is an example that is largely a re-tooling of think-pair-share:

  1. watch (or read) – 10-15 minutes
    • students will watch a prerecorded video or read your lecture notes/powerpoints
  2. think and write – 10-15 minutes
    • you ask your students a few questions that make them think about what they just read/saw. Students then write their answers to your questions, and post them to an online forum you have designated for class discussion (i.e. sakia forums, teams, slack, etc.).
  3. share and respond – 10-15 minutes
    • students read through their peers’ responses and they are required to respond to a set number of peer comments

Because the class is not happening in real time, you may want to set a deadline for completion for each or all activities. Remember, though, that students will need some time to complete them, so make sure to post these well in advance.