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Paul Wolff

Hi @Elizabeth Poindexter – We’re trying to point people to Sakai and Zoom when those tools are a good fit. Wherever we can simplify and make this process as consistent as possible for students, we’d really like to try. We’re also trying to make remote teaching/learning asynchronous wherever possible to be compassionate to our students’ home environment and new priorities in this crisis. We recognize though, that some disciplines, modes of instruction, or unique cases won’t fit this model. My guess is that there may be some use cases in the SoM that will work with just Sakai and Zoom and others that may need to think outside the box. If you have specific courses in mind or difficult/challenging situations that exist across courses, please let us know and we can approach each one on an individual basis. There are a ton of tools and resources we could point someone to depending on the situation and we’re happy to help, but if we can minimize the number of tools students and faculty need to learn in a short period of time, that’s ideal for everyone involved.