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Paul Wolff


Great question. I’ll write up some instructions here, but feel free to schedule a consult if you need some help.

1. Make the groups in Site Info. (sounds like you’ve already done this step).
2. Make a Forum (e.g. Week 4 Discussion)
3. Make a topic within the forum for each group (e.g. Group 1, Group 2, etc.).
4. Go to “Topic Settings” – you should see this option next to each topic.
5. Within “Topic Settings” scroll to the bottom where you see “Permissions”
6. Set the appropriate permissions for the different group topics – assume these are the settings for the Group 1 topic (Student Permission set to “None,” Group 1 Permission set to “Contributor,” All other Group Permissions set to “None”

If you set up your Forums and Topics this way, each week, the groups you set up in Site Info will only be able to see their group’s topic for that discussion.