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I appreciate your responses. In whatever way you can, please encourage the deciders to decide these things. ‘Flexibility’ sounds nice but has many hidden consequences, such as unfair application of even basic attendance policies across courses. This is especially important for students who were told yesterday they could not, in general, come back to campus.

Lack of clarity from relatively vague administrative guidance makes their decisions all the more difficult and their lives all the more stressful. Lack of clarity also makes the teacher’s job much more painful: Which situations warrant special treatment, which do not? etc. Even the response you gave to, e.g., the time zone question is not on the student and parent FAQ website!

Everyone wants to do right by the students. Vague guidance from administrators makes that much, much more difficult for everyone. Class starts on Monday, and students and faculty are making decisions right now. Now is the time to decide on these important questions.

Take care,