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Paul Wolff

bb –

I won’t be able to answer all your questions, since some of these haven’t been decided yet. That said, I’ll do my best and I’m sure more information will be available soon:

– Will the final exam schedule be the same?
I think we can anticipate more information coming out soon and I don’t think this has been decided officially. For now, plan as if it will be the same schedule until we hear otherwise.

– What if I am in a different time zone and can never, practically, attend class?
Wherever possible, we’re encouraging instructors to be flexible with students and offer asynchronous alternatives (recording synchronous sessions or pre-recording a lecture and posting it, posting lecture notes in addition to video if possible, etc.

– What if I have poor or nonexistent internet access for the foreseeable future?
Again, where we can be flexible and offer alternatives to accommodate limited internet connectivity (allowing alternate assignments, asynchronous discussion forums, etc. instead of a synchronous class) it will help these students tremendously. There are also other groups on campus considering these situations, particularly the nonexistent internet situation.

– What if my ITS laptop breaks, and I am off campus, away from ITS services?
I don’t have an answer here but I know ITS is aware of this concern and will likely have messaging to address this.

– What if I get sick for an extended period of time?
This is going to happen to some of our students and faculty. One of my colleagues put it best when she said they are approaching this from the standpoint of flexibility, understanding, and kindness. We will also have students who are caring for children home from school and for parents/loved ones who get sick. Our priorities will obviously shift under these circumstances. I’m sure there will be information/recommendations coming from the university around this issue.