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Home Forums COVID-19 Remote Teaching Forum Zoom Recording – Secure viewing only? Reply To: Zoom Recording – Secure viewing only?

Jordan Adams

Eugene, there’s two UNC-hosted options available to you:

First, sharing with Zoom should be able to accomplish what you’d like. Just use share your video as you normally would, and select “only authenticated users can view” and then select “anyone with a Zoom account” from the drop down menu below, which will provide a small amount of security as it will force users to log in to their Zoom account (not necessarily UNC-affiliated) to view the recording. Then, make sure the slider for “viewers can download” is turned off. The recording can then be shared with anyone as needed. (We encourage using a passcode as an extra security precaution.)

A second option is uploading the video to (if the recording was made after September 5th, it will likely already be there.) After selecting your video, the sharing settings there allow for a bit more customization with security, and are mostly pretty self-explanatory.

Shameless plug here: if you’re interested in learning more about Panopto, sign up for the education session tomorrow at 11 AM to learn more about using it in your class. There are a truckload of great tools available, and it’ll really make remote learning a lot more interesting and engaging.