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Hi folks,
Two Zoom questions and one Zoom thank you:

—when I share screen with my class, I want to be able to mostly see the class, since I know what’s on the screen I’m sharing! But the way it works seems to be showing me the screen, with just a small portion of student faces on the side. Is there any way to switch this? To share the screen, but have it be minimized on my end so I’m still seeing mostly my student’s faces?

—The College just sent an annoying email about privacy and class recordings, asking us to consider various practices but without providing any instructions. It does seem like a good idea, for student privacy reasons, to consider “ audio-only recording or video that only displays the instructor and class materials without showing students’ faces” as they said. But how does one do that? Get Zoom to record showing only instructor and class materials?

Thank you Matt Osment for the link to how to get Zoom recordings to go automatically onto warpwire! That saved me a bunch of time and thought.