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Thao Nghi Tu

Hi Michal,

There are no silly questions here. 🙂 The Short Answer/Essay type of question allows for Model Short Answers and Feedback to be displayed to students. Please note that whatever content is added here will be visible to all students who took the test. If you do not want all students to receive the same feedback on each questions, you/your TA would need to add individualized comments one-by-one from the Word doc.

In order for these options to display to students once feedback is available, be sure to check the appropriate options in the “Set advanced feedback options” in the Grading and Feedback tab in your Settings. If the test has already been published, you want to edit the test in the Published Copies tab.

Here are some resources on feedback in Tests & Quizzes:

Grading and feedback options
How students view feedback
Blog post with details on feedback and what students see

Thao Nghi