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Thao Nghi Tu

Thanks, Tyler.


Students can navigate to another Sakai site while taking a test, however it’s imperative that they not open multiple browser tabs/windows of Sakai to do so. Having multiple browser windows open of Sakai while taking a test can potentially cause them to lose their work due to opening a new active Sakai session. If students must navigate to another part of Sakai, whether it’s in the recitation site the exam is in or the lecture site, students should save their work and exit the exam before navigating to another part of Sakai within that same browser tab. We do have several notices within the Tests & Quizzes tool to alert students of this browser behavior. My guess is that some students may work in multiple browser tabs while they have the test open in one window and their notes in another window, so I think the safest solution would be to remove the timer or give an overly generous time to complete the exam in case any of them lose some of their work. It’s also a good idea of them to save written responses in particular in a Word doc for example. We have several tips on Sakai Tests & Quizzes you and your students are welcome to review.

Please note if there is a timer and students navigate away from their exam, the clock does not pause but continues to run. Also note the recommended web browser for Sakai is Firefox. Let us know if you have any more questions!

Thao Nghi