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Karen Booth

Hi, I hope someone is still monitoring this forum and is working on Friday! I want my final exam which they will take using the Sakai tests and quizzes tool to be “open book.” The exam will be on the Sakai site for their recitation while the “books” (slides, readings, handouts, lecture notes, zoom recordings, etc.) are all under Resources on the Sakai lecture site. Will they be able to navigate from the open test on the recitation site to the resources on the lecture site without losing whatever they’ve done on the test up to that point? If so, how should they do that and what’s the best browser to use (e.g., Chrome, Explorer, Safari, Firefox)?
I’d like to keep the test timed (4 hours is the current setting) but if it would make it less likely that they would lose their work when they go to look something up under resources, I am willing to get rid of the time limit.
Thanks so much,