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Thao Nghi Tu

Hi Michal,

You and I have been emailing back and forth today but I also wanted to add information on here for others.

You can add more questions on an exam where students choose which questions to answer, however the tricky part is figuring out the grading. Sakai assessments are calculated based on the total point values of all questions combined. If you’re not expecting students to answer all questions on a test, you don’t want them to be penalized for the questions they don’t answer.

One option to get around this is to make all your questions worth 0 points and then add one additional question that’s worth the total maximum points for this section on the test. Students can leave this last question blank. For example, you may have 10 total questions, each worth 10 points, and want students to answer 7 of those questions. The first 10 questions will be worth 0 points each and your last question will be worth 70 points. As you’re grading, you can enter scores for the first 10 questions so that your grading may look like this:

Question 1 of 11: 10 / 0 Points
Question 2 of 11: 0 / 0 Points (student left unanswered)
Question 3 of 11: 10 / 0 Points
Question 4 of 11: 10 / 0 Points
Question 11 of 11: 0 / 70 Points

The total calculated will be based out of 70 points.

Thao Nghi