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Kelly Hogan

Hi Stefan,
Congrats on making it to the end of Spring 2020! Let me try to address your comments and questions:
The strategies put in place with P/F options helped us prepare (back in early March) for whatever the rest of the semester might have looked like. I think of it as a win that many students didn’t get sick, have family members affected, had access to internet, overcame distractions etc.

0. Yes, all students need to take the final exam. It is up to them whether they put their best effort into it or not.And it is up to you where the line is drawn for a failing grade.
1. Yes, as instructors if we see someone missed the final exam but can pass the class, we assign an AB. This will be effort and paperwork for all involved, so it is best to tell all students they must attempt the final exam if they want a grade in the course.
2. The current policies on courses that would be declared pass/fail will be suspended for the Spring
2020 semester.
3. A grade of “D” is clearly defined as a pass this semester:

Hope that helps. If there are student that are pressing you on their particular situation, please refer them to academic advising.