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Thao Nghi Tu

Hi Michelle,

Unfortunately the Tests & Quizzes tool currently doesn’t have feedback upload capability. Depending on how many students you’re adding feedback for, it may save you time to manually upload a spreadsheet with your comments and scores directly into the Gradebook instead of automatically sending scores to the Gradebook from the Tests & Quizzes tool and copying and pasting each comment. You would export the spreadsheet from your assessment, modify the spreadsheet so that it is formatted for the Gradebook and include comments, and then upload that spreadsheet as a separate Gradebook Item into the Gradebook tool. You would also need to disable automatically sending the scores from the Tests & Quizzes tool into the Gradebook so that your assessment scores don’t appear twice. Please note this option would be to provide comments for the overall assessment and not on individual questions.

There is also the PostEm tool, which is basically a spreadsheet viewer. Any feedback text you add into your spreadsheet columns will be visible to the associating student. See more information on PostEm.

Thao Nghi