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Rob Lucas

Hi again Claire and sorry for the delay,

Regarding course hours, I haven’t found an answer that would officially govern your class, but I found some guidelines that are used in a different part of the university, and that you could use as a rule of thumb. You should have 750 “contact minutes” per credit hour. In an online course, the contact minutes would include live class time, time spent watching pre-recorded lecture video, third-party video that students might otherwise watch during a face-to-face course meeting, interactions such as reading and writing in discussion forum, in-class group work, simualtions, peer review, and the sort of readings that would be done in class as part of an activity. Many online instructional videos are shorter but denser than face-to-face lectures, and students are expected to pause, make notes, and re-watch sections. With those, you could consider the total time students are expected to spend interacting with them.

Out-of-class work doesn’t count toward “contact minutes.” That might include reading, studying, doing homework/problem sets, and taking tests and quizzes.

The biggest thing is to be intentional in your decisions and be able to justify how the in-class type course work adds up to the required contact minutes. If the guidelines I’ve provided lead you to any unexpected conclusions for your class, please touch base with us again before making any major changes.