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Paul Wolff

@Stefan – Here is the link I was able to find with relevant info:

That said, we are encouraging everyone to be flexible right now. Our students, faculty and staff are all going through a great deal of stress, so if a student missed this particular deadline, I would encourage any faculty to approach the student with compassion given the circumstances.

This info. from the Exam portion of this site may also be of interest:

What will happen to the 3 in 24-hour exam excuse for students?

Students will be requesting excuses electronically (formerly “pink slips”). Students who have been approved for an exam excuse will be notified that it is still their responsibility to reach out to you to arrange alternative plans for their exam. (If you are opening a large window of time for your students to take the exam, they may not need an alternative exam. Please clarify this with each student.)

For students majoring in the College of Arts and Sciences, an email will be sent to primary instructors at 7 p.m. daily, summarizing all exam excuses across each of their sections in an easy-to-read table. (The email will be sent only if a new exam excuse has been approved that day.) Only approved requests for exam excuses will be sent to the instructor. The table will include new requests in highlight with previously approved exam excuses below. Therefore, only the most recent email from the exam excuse system needs to be saved.

This process is only for students of the College; instructors will still receive emailed .pdf versions of the exam excuse directly from the deans (or their designees) of the professional schools for any student for which their primary major is in one of the schools.