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Rob Lucas

Hi Claire,

I’ve answered a couple of your questions below. I’ll need to look into the question about calculating course hours and get back to you.

-A colleague in another department taught an online summer school course last year. Can I model my course structure on this course (i.e. no synchronous meetings; some firm deadlines, but largely self-paced)?

Make sure you have a sense of your department’s expectations for the course, but the model you are describing is pedagogically sound and within the norm, from what I’ve seen.

If students aren’t physically coming to class or a synchronous Zoom meeting everyday, what is an acceptable workload? Do I schedule everything as I would a normal face-to-face course that met every day or keep in mind that many choose to do the work in chunks/units/lessons?

Usually, it’s best not to schedule every activity down to the day. Students will appreciate more flexibility than that. Could you break the content into weekly units, give a few deadlines within that (e.g., make an initial discussion forum post (or a few) by Wednesday, respond to classmates’ forum posts by Friday, and take a unit quiz by Friday), but then let students schedule their own time within that framework?

The total workload should be roughly equivalent to a face-to-face class, but it’s also considered good practice to break up your lectures and condense them a bit, eliminating some digressions. So, your videos will cover the same core content, but they won’t be as long as the full face-to-face lecture would have been. On the other hand, students may spend more time composing a forum post than they would have spent making a comment in a f2f discussion section.

If you’d like more help with online pedagogy, we’d be happy to schedule a consultation.

Rob Lucas
Carolina Office for Online Learning