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Paul Wolff

@Gerald, I can’t speak to the rationale behind the decision you are referring to when you reference our Provost and some faculty, but I’m sure it was a thoughtful and nuanced decision-making process. I would recommend reviewing this document prior to sending any student’s paper/exam to someone without their express consent (whether an individual or an external company where UNC doesn’t have a license): UNC Ferpa Information. In particularly, note the section under “What is an educational record.” It’s also worth reading through the section under “When can I disclose education record information about a student?” I am not an expert on FERPA by any means, but it’s worth clarifying if removing a student’s name would be enough to be in compliance. The Registrar should be able to answer that question. Please note that these forums are open to anyone with an onyen to read and review.

As you noted, UNC does not currently have a license for anti-plagiarism software, though individual schools may have negotiated their own license.