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Thao Nghi Tu

Hi Pello,

By default, no feedback is available to students, however you can change the feedback setting at any point. Please note the “Immediate Feedback” option means students can see the feedback immediately, so while they are taking the quiz. We highly recommend selecting either “Feedback on Submission” or “Feedback will be displayed to the student on a specific date” (after due date for example). In the Set advanced feedback options, you can choose what to make available to students in the feedback. Assessments are also sent to the Gradebook by default, but this can be changed in the settings at any point as well. Please follow these steps in the Tests & Quizzes tool to make changes:

1) Select Published Copies tab
2) Select Action menu for assessment > Settings
3) Select “Grading and Feedback” tab
4) To remove the quizzes from the Gradebook, uncheck the Gradebook Option: Send assessment score to Gradebook immediately, regardless of options below
5) To modify when feedback is displayed to students within the Tests & Quizzes tool, select Feedback on submission or on a specific date and select date/time
6) Save

Here is a tutorial on modifying your Settings. If you have any questions specific to your course site, please submit a help request and a Sakai admin can take a closer look at your site. Thanks!