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Thao Nghi Tu

Hi Ben!

To share your VoiceThreads with your students, I would recommend adding the VoiceThread tool to your Sakai site so that you can easily select which VoiceThreads to share with the course. This way all students in your course would get access to the VoiceThreads you select and you won’t need to grant permission for each individual student.

First, add VoiceThread to your Sakai site: Site Info > Manage Tools > check VoiceThread and continue through the steps to add it.

Once the tool has been added to your site, click on the “+ Add your own” option in the top right corner of the VoiceThread tool > Select from my Voicethreads > select the VoiceThread to share > Share. I would recommend giving students “View and comment” permissions to allow them to view and add their own comments. Giving them edit permissions would grant them the ability to make changes to your VoiceThread. Your students should then see the VoiceThreads you have shared with them in the VoiceThread tool of your Sakai site and through the direct links you share.

Let me know if you have any other questions!