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Paul Wolff

Hey Viji – Jordan’s account is having some issues so I’m posting a response from him:

Viji, I’ll respond to your posts sequentially here, so I don’t miss anything:

First, you’ll need to share Warpwire links to any student that can’t access the Zoom recording. Presumably, the easiest way to do this is to share it with all students, and those who need the Warpwire link can use it. The Zoom transcriptions can be uploaded into Warpwire with the video itself. Assuming you have transcriptions turned on through cloud recording, it will create a .vtt file in addition to the .mp4, which can then be uploaded at the same time as the .mp4 into Warpwire.

Concerning the other two posts, I’d advise you to follow the recommended settings for securing meetings and recordings. That will do a couple things: it will force people to sign in to their licensed UNC zoom account (whether on laptop, desktop, or mobile), so as to secure the attendees as being, at a minimum, UNC/onyen authenticated. And, per your second post, it will also allow you to track attendance for the class.