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Jordan Adams

@Viji We’re recommending instructors upload videos to Warpwire, and share those links with students via Sakai. The issue, as you correctly identified, is that your account may be in a different sub-account than some of your students. I emphasize some, to say not all. Switching your account to a different sub-account would enable some students to access the recordings, but it would likely prevent access for others. Conversely, switching a student’s sub-account might enable access to some of their classes, but it would then prevent access to other classes they previously had access to.

This is an issue that’s especially prevalent for those in medically-related sciences, as frequently both instructors and students may be teaching/taking classes across different, but related disciplines (e.g. a Med School student taking a psychology class, or an instructor with a dual appointment in Biology and Gillings SPH.)

Warpwire is UNC-wide, and isn’t constrained by the Zoom subaccounts. So, while it does indeed take an extra few minutes to upload recordings, it enables easy (and secure!) access to students who need the material.