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Viji Sathy

I received this note from a student when the normal troubleshooting for access to zoom cloud recordings didn’t work. Is there a workaround to avoid the additional effort to upload to warpwire? Thanks! Viji

I saw your post on Piazza about having access to Zoom recordings. I have been having this problem in my other classes and had to reach out to ITS about it, so I wanted to go ahead and tell you too. Since my account is listed as a school of medicine account, Zoom doesn’t recognize that I am allowed to view your videos. ITS said the only way for me to have access to these videos is for you to post them through Warpwire on Sakai. I am able to attend live lectures so I am good, but I just wanted to bring this to your attention in case it is coming up with other people. Hopefully it can save you some time!