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Thao Nghi Tu

Hello Ty,

Thanks so much for sharing your experience with using the Sakai Tests & Quizzes tool! Creating a practice exam for students who may not have used this tool before was a great idea to help them feel more comfortable with taking the exam. I am sorry to hear that some students experienced problems and hope I can provide some clarification as to what may have happened.

Several users reported connectivity problems today that ITS Networking confirmed were due to Spectrum, the internet provider. Our team also checked speed tests and confirmed those of us who were experiencing slowness were on Spectrum. The slowness was seen on multiple websites, including Sakai,, etc. Those of us with a different internet provider at home were experiencing normal speeds. It would be interesting to hear back from your students whether they’re using Spectrum at home or a different provider. I imagine most of their issues were related to Spectrum today and/or other connectivity problems (bandwidth, multiple users online, etc.). Was your practice exam available for students before today?

The problem that some of your students experienced with the same question appearing I imagine also had to do with connectivity issues. What Megan Plenge reported on 3/30 was actually related to several question pools with few questions, so students were receiving some of the same questions or very similar questions on their second attempt of an exam. We confirmed the randomization of questions was working on multiple attempts of an assessment.

Please note our script to push through auto-submissions runs daily around midnight, so you may not see students’ in-progress submissions until the next day. If you would like any to be submitted before then, just send us a request on and we can manually push them through.

You’re welcome to share with your students the Sakai tips found on our blog, including a list of tips on taking tests online.

Feel free to continue sharing any other feedback you may have on here and whether you give the Tests & Quizzes tool another run. Hopefully things will go smoother for you and your students. If you have a technical question specific to your course, please send us a request on

Thank you!