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Ryan Thornburg

Thanks for setting up this forum, Paul. It’s very helpful to see questions from others on campus and scan the conversation for related solutions or ideas.

My question is about “multiple correct, multiple selection” questions in Sakai. The grading behavior isn’t what I expect when I have these questions set to “right minus wrong”. For example, if I have five choices and one should be marked correct students are receiving one point for marking that correct answer… then being deducted points for each choice they incorrectly mark. But they are not give points for NOT marking answers that should NOT be marked.

I was expecting that students would be given points for correctly marking a choice that should be marked and they should also be given points for NOT marking a choice that should NOT be marked.

For now, I’m just avoiding setting up questions as multiple correct, multiple selection. But I’m wondering if I might have a setting wrong somewhere or am just not using that feature as it was intended.

Thanks again,
Ryan Thornburg